About Patronus Health

Patronus Health empowers and supports consumers navigating the healthcare system. Our platform helps patients get peace of mind by connecting them with advocates to analyze bills to ensure fair costs, and negotiate on their behalf when prices are unfair or inaccurate.

We connect advocates with patients in need, providing advocacy experts with the platform they need to help patients simplify their medical bills and promote fairness and equity in the healthcare system.

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How Patronus Works

  • Step One

    Patient uploads medical bill

  • Step Two

    Advocates review and bid on case

  • Step Three

    Advocate selected/Deposit collected

  • Step Four

    Advocate resolves case with savings



 Patronus provides a platform that matches patients and healthcare advocacy consultants. We help you find the best person for your advocacy needs, and help advocates find patients needing their help.


The healthcare system is complicated, and for those unfamiliar with the way it works, it can seem intimidating. We help you understand and use your healthcare data to your advantage, lowering costs and giving you peace of mind.


As healthcare costs continue to rise, employers are paying more for healthcare benefits and employees are paying a larger portion of their healthcare costs. Patronus helps make employee dollars stretch and increases the value of employer benefits programs.

We believe in doing the right thing for every person.

As a patient, it is your right to understand your healthcare data and manage your costs in the most effective way possible. Medical debt can be frightening, but that’s why you have Patronus. We connect you with your own advocates who will help you navigate the healthcare system and reduce your stress.

As an advocate, you help those in need. Advocates understand the challenges of the healthcare system, and they also know how to fix these challenges to make healthcare less intimidating for patients. We give you the opportunity to assist patients who require guidance in navigating their healthcare bills.

  • Quick, efficient assessment and assistance for any type of situation
  • No problem is too difficult to solve
  • We put patients in the driver’s seat and give advocates a venue to share their expertise
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  • Knowledgeable
  • Caring
  • Effective


No problem is too complex or situation too intimidating for Patronus to take on. We are here to help you find an advocate to help you pay the right bill at the right price, giving you peace of mind. We will help you at any point during your medical care, whether you are negotiating medical bills before or after a procedure or identifying the right in-network provider for your treatment.

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  • Take charge of your care
  • Save money for your family
  • Gain vital knowledge