Why an owl? Why the logo?

The explanation behind Patronus’ owl logo is fraught with history and mythology. A Patronus, as all Harry Potter fans know, is an animal guardian that appears when the spell “Expecto Patronum!” [...]

Theresa Lawrence

Theresa Lawrence is a member of the Patronus Health Advisory Board. As a global senior marketing and corporate communications leader, Theresa has spent the past decade leading marketing teams and [...]

Mandy Long

Mandy Long is the Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and Chairman of Patronus Health. She sets the vision and direction of Patronus and leads the company in its mission to shift the balance of [...]

John Barrett

John Barrett is Vice Chairman of the Patronus Health Advisory Board. He is the Executive Director of ISSA, the leading trade association for the global cleaning community, which has more than [...]

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